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“How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math”

“It is impossible to be a mathematician without being a poet in soul.”

Sofia Kovalevskaya


I found your expose to be good, and best of all, you have used it with success.

Your list of careers in mathematics is very good. That should take away the myth that teaching is the only alternate for a mathematics major.

Dr. Lovenia DeConge-Watson
Mathematics Department
Southern University A&M

The sample problems that were used for the different types of math were very easy to understand. If I had used these simple methods for high school and college, my stress level would have been zero.

Debra Thompson
Sr. Manager of Affinity Groups
The Georgia Institute of Technology

While in Atlanta last month, I purchased a personally autographed copy of the book from the author. As an educator, I found the book to be very helpful in introducing strategies that help children to get over the fear of math. In the book, the author uses real life examples to demonstrate how math is used in everyday life. I highly recommend this book for educators, parents of school-aged children, or even for adults who may have a fear of math.

Nicholy Johnson
Education Consultant
Louisiana Department of Education

A good resource for the basic problem areas in math. Teachers and home schoolers will find techniques for teaching the difficult areas. I particularly loved the chapter on careers in mathematics.

Beverly Burnley
30 year Mathematics Teacher

East St. Louis School District

I purchased 2 copies of the book, “How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math”, one copy for my personal library and one copy to share with a niece whose daughter (great niece) is having difficulty with math.

The book is truly awe-inspiring. It makes math fun and simple. I would recommend it to anyone with children needing assistance with math concepts. Great Job ! ! !

Marian McGruder
Educational Diagnostician
Pupil Appraisal Services
East Baton Rouge Parish School System

Thank you so much for sharing your book with me and then blessing me with the DVD. Loved the DVD and the book; watched the DVD in its entirety. I will definitely share your strategies with my students.

Linda Woodberry
Adult Education Department
Gwinnett Technical College
Lawrenceville, GA

“How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math” is an amazing book that has given me a totally new perspective on how I view math! Growing up as a child I used to have a fear of math because some of the conceptions pertaining to certain formulas were too complex for me to understand and stay with me. “How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math” has incredible and reliable guidelines that are both innovative and simple to understand. I am more confident than I have ever been about math because now I have a reliable guide to show me the way towards success. Excellent book!!

Byron Johnson

I purchased this book for my father, who is a 40-year math teacher/professor. However, before presenting the gift to him, I read several pages. It was certainly an easy read and helpful refresher. For my father, it is an instructional tool, offering different methods for presenting math concepts to students.

Low Carb Baker “Tam”
Selene’s Sensations Wellness Bakery

I purchased this book a few years ago after working directly with the author while volounteer tutoring. Since then I have used it yearly to refresh my memory as I help the next generation of students share my love of math. I find it easy to read and a great supplement to any student’s text book.

S. B. Buchanan

I struggled in math in high school. This book offers a lot of study tips that I wish I had known back then to make the process of learning math easier and a little fun. This book is written where adults and children can easily grasp the concepts and help build a foundation where learning math becomes a lot less complicated. This book is good for kids that need a lot of math practice because there are lots of helpful practice problems you can work throughout the book. This book is also helpful if you are a math tutor looking for a tool for students that are having difficulty in math.

Christopher Ross

I purchased this book for my nephew & niece. I’ve gone through the book and wish I had something like this when I was young! This book was written with much forethought and the extra boost needed to feel like more than a conquerer when it comes to math. Though my niece & nephew are young right now, this book sits on their bookshelf awaiting the time for them to benefit from it. Great book!

Deirdre Cody

I recently met the author and purchased this book. I was pleasantly surprised as I did not intend to read it, just pass it onto to parents I know, but, I found it an easy and informative read. I learned a few new things and refreshed knowledge that has long been dormant. I may buy a couple more to give out since, it’s back to school time!

Sylvia Lan

I had the opportunity to meet the staff of Math 1 On 1, LLC at a book signing and review “How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math” and was extremely impressed with both. Knowing that one of my friend’s daughters has been struggling with math and that she was entering 6th grade I purchased the book and gave it as a gift. I think every parent and person concerned about a child’s mathematical ability should consider the book and working with Math 1 On 1, LLC.

James Ward
Quest Wealth Advisors LLC

This book is easy to read and understand. It breaks otherwise complex math rules down using every day language and examples. This is a great book for parents and childern to read together as a guide to understanding math concepts.

Valarie Merced

I like the book “How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math”. It is a really helpful refresher for me in helping my 6th grader. He’s in the gifted math program at his school, so he’s not afraid of math. However, sometimes I have to check his homework to make sure he’s getting the concepts, and the book helps with that.

As a Computer Science graduate, I have covered all of these concepts at some point, but I don’t use them on a regular basis. Also, I want to start digging back through some of this again because of ideas I have related to my data work.

“How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math” provides a good launch pad for delving back into math again.

I’m glad I bought the book.

Tommy Chambers
Aim2Win Solutions LLC

This is a very good book. (A good read) I truly believe that it will touch and inspire many math students young and old.

Christopher Carter
Systems Infrastructure Analyst
University Information Systems
Information Technology Services
Louisiana State University

What a great tool! As a parent I find this book informative and very helpful. Not only has it refreshed my memory, but also it will be a useful guide when my children are exposed to higher math.

Thanks for simplifying a very challenging subject.


Trionne Trosclair
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The one-on-one Math tutoring session with my daughter was greatly appreciated, but when we picked up the book “How To Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear Of Math” it was as if the author was right there in the room with us!

Cassandra Harvey
Lawrenceville, Georgia

The concepts are explained in a way that is easily understood.

The author clearly inspires the reader to get over the fear of math by offering examples of practical uses for math and inspirational quotes.

I really enjoyed the section “Who Came Up With Math and Why Should I do it?”

Valarie Merced
Parent of Walton H.S. Junior
Marietta, Georgia

This is an awesome book!! It is an inspiration to me and many young people.

Yasmin Moreno, P.E.
Civil Enginer

Math has never been my favorite subject. I always avoided the challenge whenever possible, but after reading “How to Help Parents and Kids get Over the Fear of Math” I have learned to appreciate and understand math. The book simplifies math problems and makes math actually fun and easy. These days I often welcome the challenge of math with a great deal of confidence.

I will definitely purchase this book for my niece. She has a fear of math like many kids do.

Denzil Halliday
Staff Sergeant
U.S Army

This is a great book to have if you have a child who has a problem understanding basic math concepts. The book is very easy to read and provides you with a step-by-step guide to help you through any problem. The book has numerous types of examples and illustrations which helped my son sharpen his algebra skills. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their child’s basic math skills.

Tyrone Carter
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“How To Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math” has been worth its weight in gold for me and my son. When I administered the Algebra I Readiness Evaluation contained in the book, it was clear to me how useful this book would be for my 10th grade son. This tool revealed to me his mathematical strengths and areas for improvement.

We have since used the Algebra II Readiness Evaluation. It provided a clear path to what needs to be done to make the outcome of Algebra II more successful for him.

My thanks go out to the author for her wisdom and talent.

Sharon M.

…an amazing job at making a complex subject understandable and fun…

David Jenkins
Motivational Fitness

When we were introduced to the book, we found it very easy to read. It was full of tips and easy tricks like the “bow tie” method. My niece and nephew are using the book as a great reference tool with their class textbooks.

Oh and by the way, if you want to know what the bow tie method is, I advise you to read the book!

Duluth, GA

“How To Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math” has been a God send. I gave my fifteen-year-old daughter this book. The very next day she took it to school with her. I have always had a problem helping her with her math homework because she is hearing impaired, but this book immediately gave her the confidence to do it without my help. She has held no less than a ‘B’ average in her math classes since she started using the book.

Celeste in Georgia