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Client Testimonials

“If you’ve earned the trust of people I already trust, their referral of you to me is worth more than any other form of marketing.”

Steve Woodruff

My daughter received a 45% on a math test that involved Quadrataic Equations. I called around to family and friends and Ms. Saundra Carter was referred. After several tutoring sessions in about a two week span, my daughter’s math teacher allowed her to retake the test. She scored 91%!! Yes!! We were extremely happy, excited and my daugther is now more confident. I ordered Ms. Carter’s book too – How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math. I highly recommend her.

Ms. Martin

You were absolutely EXCEPTIONAL!! [My son] Jett is PUMPED!! He is just now going to bed because he has been trying to teach anyone who will listen all the great new math techniques he learned today.

John Thistle

I just want to take a minute to thank Ms. Carter and her staff at the Math 1 on 1 program. Her staff is the most patient and encouraging set of people that I know (more specifically Tiffany and Cedric)! They have helped me improve so much in not just math but life skills, and have helped me to like math just a little more. With Tiffany and Cedric’s help, I was able to pass my quizzes and tests with better scores than I have ever gotten before. Not only were they available during school time but they were willing to help me during the summer as well, when I took a junior math class to get ahead. I would not have been able to accomplish my willingness to understand math without the help of this program. I thank them so much for their help, because I would not have graduated high-school in 3 years and at the age of 16!

Kristian Munroe
South Gwinnett High School Graduate

I passed Chemistry with 2 A’s. Thank you for all of your help!

10th Grade
South Gwinnett High School

I just wanted to share Chase’s recent progress report with you [All A’s and B’s]. I am so happy that she finally seems to be “getting it”. I know that her tutoring sessions really helped her build confidence in her own abilities. Even though she’s not in tutoring anymore I know that the tutoring has made a lasting impression.

Kiara Wright

Thanks for your help with Brooke and please pass on our thanks to Cedric as well. He did a great job preparing Brooke for Chapter 9 [Pre-Algebra] test. [83%=B]

Diann Monroe-Jones

My son was having a problem scoring high enough on the ACT to enter college. Ever since he attended a summer engineering camp at SU in 2007, it has always been his desire to attend Southern University A&M College when he graduated from high school in 2011. After speaking with an individual in the admissions office at SU, he was informed that because he graduated with a 3.3 GPA, he could take an admissions test and still be admitted to the university. Right then he decided to do just that.
Own his own, my son started reviewing, studying, digesting the theories written in the book, How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math. He needed a score 56% of the math to pass the test to be admitted to Southern University. Instead of passing with a score of 56% of the required math, he passed with 100%, a perfect score.
He indicated that he went into the test not nervous like he was when he took the ACT. He was much more relaxed with much more confidence about his ability to not just acquire the necessary score he needed, but to surpass what was required and he did.
In the Fall of 2011, my son will be a freshman at Southern University majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Wilson V. Carter
Time 2 Reflect Publishing, LLC

Jayla made a 102 on the quiz. She will be taking the test on tomorrow, 3/1. Her teacher said that she is doing much better this semester but I am having her to focus on the things in which you stated she needs to work on so that she’ll be well rounded in math. I’ll let you know her test grade as soon as I get it. [follow-up]
I just wanted to let you know that Jayla made an 87 on that test. We received her progress report and she has a 91 in the class. She is doing much better this semester.

Tracala Hibbler

Good News! DJ passed all grades – His Report Card: All A’s & B’s & C in Math. The Georgia High School Graduation Test: Are you ready for this?!!

(Scale Score 285 – Honors) out of 300.

Thanks for your assistance.

Ernestine McMillan

I want to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job in tutoring Amber. We have definitely noticed an improvement in her grades and more importantly her attitude.

Donsha Monkou

THANK YOU SO MUCH! My son Jalen said that he really enjoyed the
[SAT Math Boot Camp] class and he gained some key learnings that will help him on the test… I was very excited about that… What you are doing is a wonderful thing…!!!!

Nikki Baker

Amaris’ mother and I can’t thank you enough for agreeing to work with Amaris this summer. Amaris is excited, as am I, and plan to reinforce your sessions by working with her each day. I really appreciate your encouraging observation of her manner.

She’s an incredible little girl, but admit I’m a tiny bit biased.

Gwen Williams

My daughter, Raquel did well on her mid terms and earned 3 A’s and 3’Bs for this past semester. Your tutoring services facilitated an understanding of foundational concepts that were key in helping her earn a B in Algebra this past semester.

Raquel has been accepted by several Universities and has decided to attend GA State next year.

Thanks for your support!

Valarie M.

Math 1 On 1 is an excellent service for all needing assistance. The tutor went out of her way to accommodate my schedule and to work one on one at my daughters level. She was able to assist her in gaining a better understanding of the concepts than her teacher, which helped her to pass the class.

Thanks so much for your time and service.

P. Jemerson

My junior year of high school was one of the worst years for me. I was taking Algebra II. I struggled to keep my grades up during the second semester, which was why I ended up in summer school. During summer school I went to tutoring sessions and still struggled. Finally my mother contacted Math 1 on 1. With their help I raised my grade from a 61 to a 76; therefore, passing the class with my highest math grade ever.

I thank my Math 1 on 1 tutor for all the help she gave me, I couldn’t have done it without her.

daughter of Kevin and Deidre Johnson
First Choice Security, Inc

During CRCT Testing, my child struggled in the area of math. As a result of that, she had to attend 2 1/2 weeks of summer school pending promotion to the 5th grade. Because of her tutor’s wisdom and knowledge of math, my daughter has passed the math portion of the state required CRCT Test and Praise God, will move on to the 5th grade.

Thank you ever so much for sharing and caring. Continue to do what you do.

Cassandra Harvey

I am a 32 year old soldier in the U.S Army and a junior pursuing a BA degree in Criminal Justice. It has been approximately 2 years since I had to take a math class.
I enrolled in a Statistics class during the summer. Thanks to Math 1 On 1,
I was able to gain confidence and obtain an 89% in my Statistics class.

Denzil Halliday
Staff Sergeant
U.S Army

My freshman year of Geometry was one of those things that I would dread. I would go to school, walk into the class ready to learn and understand, but would go home confused and lost. I told my mother what had been going on and she suggested tutoring. I sought help and received it from my tutor. Throughout the remainder of the semester, I kept coming to see her. With the aid of God via my tutor, I understood the concepts and passed the class.

12th Grade
Meadowcreek High School

Math 1 On 1 was helpful in my preparation for the GACE Teachers exam.
I contacted Math 1 On 1 for a refresher course since I have been out of college for 20 years. My tutor was extremely thorough in making sure that she understood exactly what I needed and what type of exam I would be taking. During the tutoring session, she came prepared with books, worksheets and examples of the practice exam. She was very patient, making sure that I was able to work through every problem. Of course I can say that her tutoring allowed me to pass the exam on the first attempt. I would highly recommend Math 1 On 1’s tutoring services for all levels.

Pamela Jemerson

Thank you so much for assisting my son Paul with his Geometry.
Paul has always excelled in math, but is currently studying concepts that I cannot help him with. When he scored poorly on the tests, which was primarily proofs and Algebra, we went out and purchased multiple study aids concentrating on these concepts.
Paul was confident that he could do the work. Since he was confident, so was I. Nevertheless, I knew it was something he was not mastering. I felt it was something minor, but that something had to be addressed.
After his study session with you, he was able to complete the test and score over 90%. On his last test, he scored 99.5%.
I really appreciate your ability to identify what his problem was and correct it in a timely fashion.
Paul is a very proud person and will not accept help from just anyone. Thank you for making him feel comfortable enough to share his problem with you and confident enough with your skills to accept your assistance.

Bridgette E. Dawson

Thank you to Math1on1 for the amazingly quick assessment you provided for my nephew. Bobby is an eleventh-grader and plans to take the SAT this year. He was concerned that his math aptitude was a problem that would reduce his SAT score. He also ran into a roadblock in Geometry which resulted in a grade of F. Math1on1 immediately identified his key problem areas, gave him the tools to breakthrough his roadblock, and restored his confidence in his math abilities. Within 3 weeks Bobby’s grade improved from F to C+ and he’s on track to earn a grade of B+ on his next grade report. With grades like that, needless to say, he’s confident that he will score well on the SAT.

Peggy Green, PMP

Recently, I contacted Math 1 On 1 to coach/tutor my niece for a math bowl she was competing in. Her tutor imparted all kinds of “rules” of math. These rules were like the “keys” to solving math problems. She shared the rules of divisibility and the rules for adding and subtracting integers. She also had a rule for solving complex equations involving multiplication, subtraction, and division. According to my niece, these “rules” or “keys” to math are making the biggest math problems seem solvable.
Math 1 On 1 offers services in all areas of math including fractions, algebra, geometry, and calculus.
Give them a call today!

Christine Quashie

My 17 year old son Deran needed assistance in Math. His tutor was able to zero in on his shortcomings within twenty minuets of his first session.
Though Deran has always received passing grades in Math, I have always felt that he was missing the basic fundamentals of the subject. His tutor was able to immediately confirm my suspicion and customize a plan of action for him.
The tutors at Math One on One are able to teach a complicated subject with simplicity. My son has learned more basics and details during his tutoring sessions in weeks than he has learned in the last year at school.
I am extremely pleased with their professionalism, promptness, knowledge of the subject, and passion about doing something that they love.

Angela Dixie
Real Estate Broker

My daughter was seriously struggling with Math, but after her first few sessions with her tutor her performance and confidence level greatly improved. She is now seeing passing grades in Math and is looking forward to getting to the next level.
I enthusiastically recommend Math One on One to anyone who is looking for personalized assistance with helping their child.
With Thanks,

Adrianna Angelone

My tutor was very helpful. I understand the math better. I have more confidence in my work. My grade increased and I passed my class.

Kiara Williams
11th grade
Southwest DeKalb High School

As a parent I am very thankful for the help that my daughter received during her session with her tutor. What a difference a grade makes! Just sitting there listening to the “one-on-one” relationship between my daughter and her tutor really put a smile on my face because it built confidence into my daughter knowing that she now could attack each problem and solve it. She ended her school year on the honor roll and because of your teaching she’s still on the march to being an “honor graduate”. Thank you so much for being part of her education.

Ernest Williams
Kiara’s Father

With the help from my instructor at Math One on One, I was able to pass my College Algebra class with a ‘B’. Before my experience with Math One on One, my lack of math skills left me frustrated.

Within a few short sessions I gained confidence and had an overall understanding of the concepts in math.

My instructor was patient, attentive to my learning style, and was able to meet my overall math needs.

Tereda A

After one two-hour session, I saw my daughter’s eye light up. She came away with a greater understanding and desire to exceed. As a freshman taking Geometry on the new block schedule it was important to me she have the foundation needed to do well on her EOCT.

I’ve already recommended her tutor to another parent. Thank you for your passion for the subject and the student !

Snellville, GA

Math One on One was a great experience. All of my sessions were one on one and were very informative.

My tutor did a very good job at helping me to remember Math from my years past. She made my understanding of Math much easier. If I ever need help again she will be the first person I call.

The tutoring helped me to pass the Compass Test. I was accepted into Clayton State University.

Thanks a lot!

S. Hall
Student, Clayton State University

I am very pleased with the services provided by Math One On One. The tutors have a passion for developing and enhancing a child’s ability to learn.
They are dedicated and have a thorough understanding of Math. I highly recommend the services of Math One On One.

Sebrina Douglas
Quality Assurance Analyst

Math One On One has exceptional math tutors. My tutor helped break down the math concepts on the GREs in a clear and concise way.
I recommend Math One On One to anyone needing one on one math tutoring.

Samira Al-Ghuiyy
Prospective PhD Candidate

Math1on1 has been a great help to my sons with their math skills. Their professional conduct was very delightful. They were very willing to adjust their schedule to fit yours and the student. Also, they adjust their teaching style to fit the child’s learning abilities. They provided job aids to assist the child between tutoring sessions and were more than willing to work within your budget. I would highly recommend the service to any parent.

Sharon M.

Thank you Math One On One for tutoring my daughter last summer. You were patient with her and made her feel very comfortable. You gave her a couple of math sessions and those really helped her. As a result, she was able to pass her math class and has been making higher grades which I’m very proud of. Thank you again for your help and professionalism.

Zee Ollennu

Math One On One has really helped my son with his math. He has been doing well ever since he began his tutoring sessions.
His math grade has improved two letter grades!!!!!!!!

Saul Erlich

I like Math One on One. It is very helpful with my studying and grades and makes me enjoy math even more. I feel better in class knowing that I understand what my tutor taught me.
When I’m older and get a degree, I may become a tutor and help teens just like me.

10th Grade
Redan High School